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希望能將在這塊土地上,所以善心、善行、善知識,分享給在 [ 愛購物igo5購物商城 ] 的所有關注者,一起推動、推廣並用小我的力量,讓社會變得更好,盼各界能夠共襄盛舉, 進而為社會實踐有愛的互動環境。

WATCH - Walking Around Taiwan for Children without Homes

I have created this page to share my expected amazing experience of walking 1200 kms around the beautiful island of Taiwan. As I have been preparing for my trip so many people have expressed excitement and some have mentioned they wish they could join me. For those people, I am looking forward to sharing all the wonderful places I will go, the friendly people I will meet, and all my good and bad adventures. 

If you have a Facebook friend you think might enjoy following me on my trip, or someone who might be interested in joining me for some of the walk, or someone willing to donate some money to help orphans, PLEASE don’t hesitate to share my page with them. Hopefully we can all make new friends, share smiles, and enjoy this trip together!
Another reason I have created this page is to make my trip around Taiwan worthwhile for someone other than myself. I have chosen to raise awareness for orphanages in Taiwan. I have chosen to help orphaned children because I have had a personal experience dealing with this in Taiwan. If orphanages are not present, children who have been neglected or left alone on this Earth, have no loving place to go.
I had planned to raise money by selling towels for orphanages in Taiwan, but it has proven to be much more of a problem than I ever thought. Instead, I have decided to raise awareness for Taiwanese orphans on my walk and have placed a link below to a local orphanage bank account. People can easily click the link and donate to help them take care of the desperate children they are housing and protecting.